Home Office ~ Lubbock, TX
Folding Bridge Table ~ Marion, NC
Lecturn ~  Church in Black Mountain, NC
Display Case ~ Church in Abilene, TX
Crib to Full size Bed ~ Greenville, TN*
Executive Desk, credenza, Coat Closet ~ Utility Company in Lafayette, TN
Law Office ~ Lubbock, TX
Court Room ~ Macon County, TN
Receptionist Area ~  Machine Shop Old Fort, NC
Art Center ~ Marion, NC
Executive Desk ~ Old Fort, NC
Businesses  also
come to
Watson Woodworks
with their dreams.
Your hearts desire . . . .
Mahogony Wardrobe ~ Marshall, NC
Entertainment Center ~ Watkinsville, GA
Gun Cabinet ~ Horse Shoe, NC
Cradle ~ Louisville, KY*
Sewing Room ~ Lafayette, TN
Bookcase ~ Nashville, TN
Home Office ~ Abilene, TX
Small Entertainment Center ~  Elizabeth City, SC
Corner Hutch ~ Cookeville, TN
Specialty piece done for a local cabinet shop.

"Your woodwork is amazing."               ~Jeremy, LA
Video kiosk  for park facility ~ Cherokee, NC
For items marked with an
asterisk*, see the Children page.
American Chestnut blanket chest made from lumber reclaimed from barn that owner's grandparents had once owned. 
Oak Entertainment Center ~ Willette, TN.
Detail of "foot"
Entertainment Center ~ Colleytown, TN